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Saturday, September 24, 2011

E-Books / Pop Serial 3

Hi Everybody.

Last week Friday, the 16th, Pangur Ban Party published my debut solo e-book, Ganga Loners, and Steve Roggenbuck and I released a collaborative e-book, I LOVE MUSIC.

Thank you to DJ Berndt for publishing Ganga.

Last Friday into Saturday morning, Steve and I did a Ustream. Steve did 12 continuous hours and I joined him later in the night.

Pop Serial #3 is forthcoming and I have begun receiving contributions. Featured authors/artists will include Tao Lin, Luna Miguel, Blaise Larmee, John Campbell, Sam Pink, Megan Boyle, Steve Roggenbuck, Timothy Willis Sanders, Ana C., Richard Chiem, Cameron Pierce, Andrew James Weatherhead, Michael Inscoe, Poncho Peligroso, Cassandra Troyan, Shaun Gannon, Madison Langston, Zachary Whalen, Cassandra Nguyen, and more.

Also since I last blogged, HOUSEFIRE included a story by me in its print anthology of short fiction, Nouns of Assemblage, as well as published a story by me entitled "A Rag of Colts" at its site.

And Zachary Whalen published a poem by me called "Life is a dehydrated gazelle slowly expiring in bed" at his new literary site, shallow.

Next I will write a novel or work on a collection of short stories.

How is everyone feeling? I have a Formspring if you want to ask me a question.

Last Saturday I had dinner at this quirky lil natural foods restaurant they recently opened in Wicker Park with my old buddies Peter and Mike and Nick and I felt a feeling of gratitude for living in Chicago, my friends, and everything I have in life.

Last night I took a ride on the Navy Pier ferris wheel with Steve and we ran down the street and went to Dominick's. He made a lovely video out of it.