My Writing

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sad Cave

On an island, blue waves teething on the shore, Ellie looks frightened and bashes herself in the face with a T-Fal nonstick jumbo cooker.

Ellie staggers and leans on Martin for balance. Her nose is bleeding. Martin looks bewildered and stoned.

Ian is crawling on all fours mumbling about licking mud.

Jackie kicks Ian in the ribcage and he collapses, rests a cheek in mud.

Jackie looks bored and pissed off.

Ellie is crying. She asks Martin to punch her in the face. Martin says he can’t. Ellie asks him again to punch her in the face.

Ian mumbles something about kicking Jackie’s ass later.

Jackie walks to Rachel sitting on a boulder reading A Sentimental Education and pushes Rachel off the boulder.

What the fuck,” Rachel says and looks pissed. Jackie spits on Rachel and cries. Jackie collapses and spasms on the ground. Rachel laughs and kicks Jackie in her ribcage. Jackie stops spasming and lies on the ground still.

Martin asks Jackie if she is OK. Jackie hands the T-Fal nonstick jumbo cooker to Martin and asks him to bash her in the face with it. Martin tells Jackie he is worried and thinks she might be insane. Jackie tells Martin she is not insane.

Rachel runs over to Jackie, grabs her by the face, and starts chewing on Jackie’s ear. Jackie shrieks and punches Rachel in the gut and shoves her away. Jackie runs down to the beach, trips, and falls on her face. She flails about in the sand screaming.

Ian is lying on his back on the ground. He asks if anyone wants to cuddle or something. Martin stares blankly. Jackie is lying facedown on the beach. Rachel says maybe but not with Ian’s dirty fucking ass.

Jackie springs to her feet looking murderous and insane. She runs back to the others and rips people’s clothes off.

She grabs Rachel’s shirt by the collar and savagely rips it down the middle, revealing a black bra and a scar under Rachel’s left breast.

Jackie grabs Ian’s legs and tries to tug his pants off while dragging him. They come partway down and Ian looks scared and amused.

Jackie runs at Martin, who tries meekly to run away. She catches him, tackles him from behind. She pulls on his hair, tries unsuccessfully to rip up his shirt from the back. Martin tucks, rolls, and runs away.

Jackie locks eyes with Ellie and they circle each other on their toes. Jackie wrestles Ellie to the ground and pins her as she squirms and shouts. Jackie pulls off her tank top revealing perky breasts, no bra. She starts unbuttoning her black jeans. She is impatient and starts ripping them from a tear in the knees. She is screaming.

What the fuck are you doing,” Ian whispers.

Take off your fucking clothes,” Jackie says.

OK,” Ian mutters and starts undressing.

When Ian has stripped to his boxer briefs, he stands and looks around sheepishly. He is skinny and has several tattoos on his chest and by his hipbone.

Rachel takes off her skirt, revealing red panties. She looks confused but vaguely happy.

Ellie kicks the T-Fal nonstick jumbo cooker and unbuttons her jean shirt and slips out of her red shorts, revealing black thong and bra. She wipes tears from her bruised cheeks.

OK everyone is cuddling, follow me,” Jackie says. She marches over to a grotto by the water’s edge. She ducks to enter and then pops back out to shout at everyone to follow.

Martin looks confused and walks slowly to the grotto.

Rachel walks over obediently while glancing around curiously at the others.

Ian ambles over with a loopy grin on his face.

Ellie frowns and walks slowly after Martin.

The T-Fal nonstick jumbo cooker rests on the ground.

Jackie is calm now and takes off each person’s remaining clothing.

She kisses Rachel on the neck and removes her bra and kneels to remove the red panties.

She grabs Ian by the chin and shakes him lightly before tugging off his boxer briefs.

Ian giggles.

Jackie frowns at Martin and calmly unbuttons his button-up, unbuckles his belt, unzips his pants, and pulls everything off.

She glares at Ellie and Ellie slips out of her underwear.

At Jackie’s instruction they lie down in the grotto pressed against one another in a pile. Jackie holds Rachel to her breast, pats Ian on the head as he rests against her pelvis. Martin spoons Rachel and rests his head on her breasts. Ellie spoons Martin and looks out at the waves. Wind blows off the ocean. They shiver and huddle closer. Mist moistens their bodies and they cling together cold and naked.