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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Poetry of Steve Roggenbuck

Hey people, if you didn't see it already, HTMLGIANT posted a piece by me called "The Poetry of Steve Roggenbuck." Thank you to Blake Butler for publishing it.

In the piece, I discuss Steve's two poetry collections, i am like october when i am dead and DOWNLOAD HELVETICA FOR FREE.COM, both self-published in book form and for free online, as well as Steve's Internet Poetry project, his videos, and his Facebook and Twitter activities, amongst other things. Also included is a 4-part video interview of me asking the poet some questions.

Response in the comments section has been mixed. Susie Anderson commented "yay boiz," and Elaine Sun praised my Brita filter analogy (from one of the videos), while someone posting under the name ":(" commented, "this is where beauty goes to die," and "letters journal" commented, "I don't think these are good poems," and added that they seem "sub-A Softer World to me." The negative comments, particularly those that expressed vitriol and little else, were referenced in M. Kitchell's post "On Criticism," published the following day. Kitchell, who was a vocal defender against shit-talkers in the comments section of my post, wrote something in the comments section of his post that I'd like to quote below:

"I think it's pretty easy to hate something without writing a scathing review of it. My concern is that I'm going to die some day, and whenever I think about how much time I've spent hating things I get remarkably pissed at the fact that that time would have been better spent either thinking about things that bring me pleasure or finding new things that are awesome."

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