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Monday, February 21, 2011

Poncho Week

The 2011 poet laureate, Poncho Peligroso, visited Steve Roggenbuck, Brett Gallagher, and I in Chicago, and stayed at my place for a week. The first weekend we went to see Never Say Never 3D and to a sweet Columbia Poetry MFAs party. Poncho demonstrated his awe-inspiring yoyo skills and got covered in hearts. Steve got high on pixie sticks and was carried on a chair, crowd-surfed, and did the wheelbarrow. Steve's Google bomb meme, designed to make Poncho the #1 Google result for 2011 poet laureate, was covered on HTMLGIANT (hi, Mike Kitchell!) and a photo from the party was used. Poncho is now the #1 result on Google for 2011 poet laureate. Sunday night, a racy, life-affirming Ustream live broadcast went down at Steve's apartment. Poncho's Statcounter had orgasms all week long. Poncho and I ate together, tweeted together, and had a great time. The following weekend, the lovely ladies of came to visit, and their Tumblr friend Meredith joined us, and we had an epic, drunken, sexy time. Poncho is gone now, and I miss him, I miss everybody.