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Saturday, February 5, 2011

lets get 2gether b4 we get much older

Jessica Kirsch photographed Steve Roggenbuck and I by Lake Michigan for Steve's pre-release remix of DOWNLOAD HELVETICA FOR FREE.COM. As you can see, I hung from a tree branch with my legs spread wide while doing the Michael Jordan tongue as Steve held his poem. You can vote for your favorite "Steve's poem in real life" photo here.

I lost my goddamn motherfucking iPhone and am an idiot.

I love you

I've been working on some things.

I have an idea for my novel. I think it will be about a long-distance romance between two people who've never met IRL and then there will be a subplot/second strand re a relationship IRL. I think it will have 9 parts maybe. I'd like it to have 9 titles unofficially and 1 official title. Clarice Lispector, Tao Lin, J.D. Salinger. I don't know

I was feeling very calm and radiant before I lost my fucking iPhone (not looking for sympathy at all, just kinda miffed re loss of iPhone).

As Steve says, via Zen master Ummon, when he was sick, and someone asked him how he was, he said, "Sun-faced Buddha and moon-faced Buddha."

P.S. Poncho Peligroso is coming to Chicago next weekend and is sleeping at my house. Looks like I'll be not-sleeping/smiling a lot. Please feel free to suggest activities for Poncho, Steve, Brett Gallagher*, and I to engage in during Poncho's visit.

*Edited, bros


  1. damn, where is the love [via i will be visiting, too][via black eyed peas]

  2. damn brah, i was not properly informed. a very unfortunate oversight. we shall be like a merry four-headed hydra. i am excited that we will be together to experience the IRL delights of poncho's theater kid/emo lit/twink ghost brand

  3. i, too, am v. happy. looking forward to it! thanks for the 'edit' as well :p

  4. i'm glad, brett. it'll be great

    steve: the real question is like, what shall we eat together?

    hi ana =]