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Monday, January 24, 2011

Interview Brett Gallagher

I interviewed my friend, Brett Gallagher, on the occasion of his soon-coming ebook, Loop Loop Endogenous Nightscape, a collaboration with the artist Elizabeth Arnold, published by Paul Cunningham's Radioactive Moat. The book is language-rich and unique, and I thought I'd rather talk with Brett about it than review it. Brett and I met after he wrote about Pop Serial #1. He has since become my friend and contributed a piece called "Apropos of Nothing" to Pop Serial #2. Brett lives in Wheaton, IL and has visited numerous times to bro down with Steve Roggenbuck and I. Like Finnegans Dada, like lone room floorboard coffee dream, words of Loop Loop mystify gone settle in.

When/how/why did this become a book? When/how/why did this become a collaboration?

loop loop endogenous nightscape in time book share others thots of mind collaborative venture once come across elizabeth arnold's art like make scratch head say what are this work of abyssal graves sleeplessness shuttle astrolabe magnificant mesopelagic fluorescent epifauna of organic mindgrowth

What was your process like? How do you work with/think of words/language?

i hollow wind sing sung way thru creep of mind shadowplay against wall awake late hours reading notetaking spinal elongation of artist brush in dusty creak crack books local library produce spin of cpu north i and i affixed this face glance thru thots percolate stare at wall repeat until rest find i's and i asleep

words aral sea i say words excavator from seafoam of

Do you think of what you're doing as painting with words, as Steve Roggenbuck put it?

yes loop loop endogenous nightscape no inherent meaning pieces drawn from viewing mostly surreal and dada art journal immediate unconscious conscious thots allow space time distance permeate when time feel right hold desert in hand adorned cloak drowned shadow sit down think type word after before above other word until reach textual collage get across felt moment timespace

understand some pull meaning read different level okay fine hi hello thanks real statement wavecrash rush openhead gust blow thru nope shed yr second skin become less than imposter in unlit lightblack sky

What has your relationship with Paul Cunningham been like? Do yall text or gchat sometimes?

paul follow blog some point future email gchat paul enjoy gertrude stein quote from tender buttons we begin talk more often soon publish piece slab literary magazine which paul managing editor gchat each time we see other online now present

What have you been reading lately? Do you think it or other work has inspired your work?

during time thots creationing read much dada and surrealist literature awake hourcreep spent dissassembler mind w. prints other artistic mind automatic notetake journal beside soon fill observations core samples wordassociations later use inspire directioning channel thru which loop loop endogenous nightscape became

art more so literature inspirationing work of late sit think scan eye over page mindcreeps set in braincortex begin spinning type type thots secure mind moment previous

What's your sign? What do you look for in a girl?

intellect challenge me think not blind accept composure feel good about life talk other understands transience of earthpassing delight pass time together in spite certain stopwhir finality

Who or what excites you in the contemporary literary world?

who undoubtedly blake butler ben marcus lisa jarnot sam pink lyn hejinian

Boxers or briefs or boxer briefs?


What would you like to do next, writing-wise?

larger scale continue where with loop loop endogenous nightscape begin stitch certain coherency reflect deep deeper descent early modern art cubism futurism dada surrealism w. writing imagery those mayakovsky kharms kazimir malevich suprematist canvas soundscape erik satie create island stratovolcano wordtext built dreamscape nocturne night lit succession

Do you believe in love? What do you dream of at night?

sure i have repeated dreams where i ascend staircase in middle of house pitchblack rightside of street look around find self room small occult black magick books stack high dusty pentagram shine side case scan look look dim confuse exit walk out begin downstairs miss step fall murdered cloaked individuals terror what is this awake

thank you very much for the interview and your time, stephen.


  1. "Like Finnegans Dada, like lone room floorboard coffee dream, words of Loop Loop mystify gone settle in."

    made me smile think bluish wavestrength say yeah

  2. "paul enjoy gertrude stein quote from tender buttons we begin talk more often"

    Paul enjoy. Yes he does.

  3. Sweet, Paul. I'm glad you're doing Brett's book.