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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year, everyone!

I had a great year last year, mostly.

Defended Brandon Scott Gorrell's defense of Tao Lin on HTMLGIANT. Became embroiled in a historic shitstorm of notable proportions. Ceaselessly, and some say, robotically, rebuffed the advances of haters and haterettes. Began communicating with Brandon, Tao, and then others.

Started doing Pop Serial. Met many wonderful literary-ish and/or artsy people, including Roxane Gay, Rebekah Silverman, Tadd Adcox, Laura Szumowski, Amanda Marbais, Ian McCarty, Fred Sasaki, Steve Roggenbuck, Jessica Kirsch, Brett Gallagher, Cassandra Troyan, Sara Drake, James Payne, Lyra Hill, Dolly Lemke, Aris Bordeaux, Kelly Forsythe, Mary Chen, Sam Pink, Jordan Castro, Mallory Whitten, Andrew James Weatherhead, Lindsay Hunter, Mary Hamilton, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Robyn Pennacchia, Brandon Will, Jac Jemc, Andy Farkas, Kathleen Rooney, David Welch, Zach Dodson, Patrick Somerville, Elizabeth Arnold, Jacob Knabb, Jaimie Eubanks, Mike Kitchell, and Blake Butler.

Met Tao Lin, who is very nice and a big inspiration for me. Emailed with him, interviewed him, hung out with him, felt very happy seeing him in real life.

Hung out with Rebekah Silverman, Tadd Adcox, and Laura Szumowski, and met all their nice friends. Touched Brandon Will's hair.

Chilled with Landon Manucci and handed a copy of Pop Serial to Dave Eggers. Hung out with Steve Roggenbuck and Jessica Kirsch a lot. Felt and feel love, inspiration, and kinship from/toward Steve. Broed down numerous times with Brett Gallagher. Met and became fast friends with Cassandra Troyan.

Got my drank on with Reggie "OKCupid" Scruggs, Bob Marshall, Nick "Archie Powell" Junkunc, Mike "Muscles" Ewing, Adam "Melby" Melberth, Ryan and Laura Lynch, Emily Sorlie, and the incomparable force of nature/sex machine known as RJ "Rage" Schillaci. Met up with Kelsey Zigmund a bunch of times to drink and mope.

Visited Minneapolis. Saw my old roomie, Danell Norby. Met Jaimie Eubanks for a drink. Met Louisa Podlich and experienced my first photoshoot.

Hung out with Leif Haven again, and Sara Peck, and others from Columbia. Enjoyed hanging with Kelly Forsythe and teasing her about [things]. Re-met Carrie Lorig. Attempted and sometimes failed to meet Lindsay Teague at readings so she/I would know someone else there. Chilled with Michael Inscoe, Phillip Rex Huddleston, and friends when they were visiting Chicago.

Was the inspiration for a new hot drink/blackout aid called the Tully Bomb, created by Megan Boyle, which was sweeping the nation until The Man outlawed Four Loko/fun. "Overdid it" at a relevant house party with messy results. Was nursed back to health by wonderful friends Cassandra, Sara, and Sam, I think?

Worked for two weeks at American Apparel. Met some very nice people there... Got a job at Groupon. Experienced extreme relief re [getting a job at Groupon, decrease in financial worries and associated angst, to some degree, possibly].

Became good friends with people online, particularly the lovely Ana C. and Richard Chiem. Feel like I "must" meet them in real life. Have often pictured "frolicking" around a city with Ana, pointing at things, laughing, whispering things, and having a lot of fun.

Published two issues of Pop Serial.

Blogged a shit-ton in support of my friends.

Hosted the first-ever Pop Serial reading at Cafe Ballou. Felt very happy while watching everyone read. Had a great time hanging out with Jordan, Mallory, Andrew, Sam, Carrie, Mary, Cassandra, Brett, and Steve. Talked for a long while with Mary about [many things].

Got published for the first time, in New Wave Vomit, thanks to Ana C.

Got published by Metazen, thanks to Frank Hinton.

Got published by The Scrambler, thanks to Jeremy Spencer.

Got published by Thought Catalog, thanks to Brandon Scott Gorrell.

Published some things at HTMLGIANT, thanks to Blake Butler, and some reviews.

Didn't get published by anyone else. Hehe...

Read in public for the first time.

Was called "a hack" by Lily Hoang on HTMLGIANT; received strong support/refutation of this sentiment, courtesy of numerous people. Received an apology from Lily Hoang. No hard feelings. Just seemed memorable.

Left a bunch of crazy-ass, passionate, jocular, and/or inane comments on various lit blogs.

Felt, for the first time in my life, like being an author was possible and not just a dream.

Felt I had met kindred spirits, after what seems like a long wait, something I had wanted so much for so long whether I had realized it or not.

Felt a little bit closer to feeling like I am doing the things I know how to do and want to do.

Felt love for other people and for myself.

In 2kdouble1, I hope to chill more, write a novel, and investigate the popular musical subgenre black metal.


  1. sounds like you had a great year! wooooo, all the best to you in 2k11!

  2. thanks, jessica, you too! you and steve are wonderful =)

  3. Hooray! Glad to be a part of your 2010, my friend.

  4. Thanks for being so nice, Cassie :) Very happy to know you.

  5. hot ass post and year bro
    congrats and excitement toward 2kdouble1
    dominating chicago nay the whole internet and sharing the helm with my friend stephen tully dierks

  6. was waiting for like a realistic description of a 2010 hand job or something... seems like u didn't deliver...

  7. @steve thanks bro
    together we shall motivate the redirection of consciousnesses and grow in mindfulness of like people are just one and shit

    @erik hehe... damn, u r very right bro... handjobs... bleak... seems my recap failed hard re sexual experiences

  8. have you seen the film 'Until The Light Takes Us'?

  9. It's pretty interesting and quite funny at times. It's mostly Varg Vikernes (Count Grishnak/Burzum) being interviewed in prison, and the drummer from Darkthrone being a cool dude. Vikernes is disturbingly charming throughout.

  10. thank you, michael

    @giles oh cool, sweet