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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hey Yall,

Some quick news:

I read a piece called "What the Fuck Does 'In Real Life' Mean If You Live In Front of Your Computer?" at QUICKIES! reading series at Innertown Pub on 1.11.11. Video courtesy of my good friend, Steve Roggenbuck. Thank you to Lindsay Hunter and Mary Hamilton for having me. The text version of the piece is forthcoming at Michael Inscoe's literary site, unsure if i will allow my beard to grow for much longer.

Ana C. published five poems by me at New Wave Vomit.

Luna Miguel, a poet and translator living in Madrid, translated one of those poems, "longing is a word," into Spanish.

Many of my friends have ebooks or print books coming out. 2kdouble1 continues to seem exciting.

Steve and I have discussed doing a collaborative project called I LOVE MUSIC.

Ana and I have discussed doing some kind of collaborative project.

Print copies of Pop Serial #2 are slowly making their way out into the world.

M. Kitchell will be designing a website to house the magazine online.

Pop Serial #3 will likely happen in the future. I know of at least 4 people I'd like to add to the existing/ongoing roster.

Hung out at Cassandra Troyan and Sara Drake's last night for EAR EATER #3. Saw some nice readings/performances. Met Natalie Shapero. Leif Haven is back from France. Steve and I took the bus home together and determined that it was "fuckin cold out."