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Friday, July 20, 2012

Cobbled-together Blog Post (End of the Week)

Hello everyone.

The print version of Pop Serial #3 is taking forever to come out. Omar De Col has taken over layout duties.

Omar started a video series recently.
You can see him smoking cigarettes and such.

Things my boss has said at work today:

"im bent bent...wouldnt have it any other way"
  "my wife says im psychotic""the art has to come from a weird place... i prefer being a little odd, eccentric..if you dont have a little diversity in your the fuck are ya gonna play the blues"

Feel like this was a boring-ass week. Nothing much happened online. I want to eradicate boredom on- and offline, I said in a gchat to Omar. I want to produce more things. I want people I like to produce more things. Books. Also essays. Web projects. Ebooks that maybe you would devote more than 5 minutes to or something. I don't know.

Any ideas, people?

If I ever start another thing after Pop Serial, or alongside Pop Serial, I want to call it Death Jam. That's the name I came up with, Death Jam.

Here is a paragraph I wrote today at work:

"The Barclays have Central Air, satellite television (with all the soccer games and Mystery Science Theater 3000 reruns), leather furniture, and a big house with a servant staircase next to the grand wooden carpeted one. Owing to they live across the street from me and I'm always welcome (Mrs. Barclay says this whenever I stay for dinner), I visit all the time. Well and also, Will Barclay is my friend."

I read, and some say I pondered, this essay: "The Future of Memory."

Socrates Adams and Chris Killen will be in Pop Serial #4. They are nice gents and above-average lawn bowlers.

My friend James Tadd Adcox has a book out. He is going on a Midwestern book tour soon I think.

The wonderful Richard Chiem has a book coming out soon from Scrambler Books. It has received what can only be described as blurbs from Dennis Cooper, Blake Butler, and Kate Zambreno. I have read most of it and my blurb would be: "Richard Chiem is an inimitable a Wong Kar-Wai of prose."

Heiko Julien is a swell-ass guy. I met him. He enjoys hugging things. I liked his first ebook/novel, am i cool. He recently sent me his second ebook/novel. It is called I Am Ready to Die a Violent Death. Look for it, on the interwebs..

Brief Reviews of Movies I Recently-ish Saw

Damsels in Distress
Very enjoyable. I laughed a lot.

Moonrise Kingdom
Very good. Probably my favorite Wes movie, or top 2/top 3.

Magic Mike
Entertaining. Male nudity.

To Rome with Love

Looking forward to seeing Ruby Sparks.

Previous movie blogging: Kim Ki-duk blog post

That's it for now.


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  2. i enjoyed this post stephen. do more of them =)